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Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 14038379
1 Value: INR 5.30 Million approx. | Procurement of Spare Parts - Oil Filter, Disel Filter (Element Fuel Filter Tvs), Glow Plug, Shock Absorber Front, Shock Absorber Rear, Rear Wheel Brg Outer, Rear Wheel Brg Inner, Master Cylinder Assy, Clutch Release Bearing, Clutch Tube Sleeve Cyl, Steering Uj Cross, Combination Switch, Speedo Cable 4wd, Glow Plug Timer M, Heater Relay, Head Lamp Relay, Brake Pad Front, Eng Mounting Pad Front & Rear, Rear Rod Spring Main Leaf, Front Rod Spring Main Leaf, Main Fuel Pipe, Wheel Cyl Assy Rear Lh&Rh, Brake Light Switch, Tie Rod Socket Assy Left, Tie Rod Socket Assy Right, Kit Universal Joint, Head Light Assy Lh, Head Light Assy Rh, Drag Link Assy Tie Rod, Solenoid Switch Self Starter, Armature Assy Self Starter, Upper Ball Joint, Lower Ball Joint, Caliper Assy Lh, Caliper Assy Rh, Master Cyl Rep Kit, Front Wheel Bearing Inner, Knuckle Bearing, Clutch Plate Assy, Pressure Plate Assy, Ignition Switch, King Pin Lower, King Pin Upper, Accelerator Cable, Glow Plug Euro-Iii of Bolero. | Due on 05-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 14038319
2 Value: INR 3.26 Million approx. | Procurement of spare parts of Tata 1613 - Gasket Cyl Head, Starter Motor 12v, Assy Water Pump, V Belt Cogged 1325 long, Assy Thermostate, Assy Clutch Pressure Plate 330dia, Assy Clutch Disc, Assy Clutch Release Brg with Sleave, Assy Clutch Master Cyl 25.4d, Assy Slave Cylinder, Assy Front Shock Absorber, Taper Roller Brg Outer Frnt Wheel, Taper Roller Brg Inner Frnt Wheel, Assy Tie Rod, Assy Ball Joint LH, Assy Ball Joint RH, Taper Roller Brg Outer Rear Wheel, Assy Centre Bearing, Assy Cross Kit (U J Cross Brg), Brake Shoe Assy Frnt, Assy Front Brake Chamber LH, Assy Front Brake Chamber RH, Assy Rear Brake Actuator, Dual Brake Valve, Graduated Brake Valve, Quick Release Valve, Drying and Distribution Unit, Assy U J Steering, Assy U J Steering, Assy Power Steering Pump(Rane), V Belt Cogged 980mm, Assy Aux Water Tank-Transluscent, Assy Motorised Head Lamp LH, Assy Motorised Head Lamp RH, Electronic Flasher 12v, Horn 12v, Relay 12v, Main Line Switch (Ignition Switch), Assy Combination Switch, Wiper Arm, Assy Wiper Motor, Shock Absorber (Cab Mntg), Nozzle, Nozzle Injector Assy, Service Kit, Cam plate, Supporting Ring, Gov Shaft, Field Coil Assy Lucas, Solenoid Switch Lucas, Strg UJ Cross, Brake Shoe Assy, Shock Absorber RR, Shock Absorber RR, Brake Shoe linner RR with Rivits, 2nd leaf RR, Tapper Roller Brg, Tapper Roller Brg, Assy Wheel Cyl Frt 44 mm, Assy Wheel Cyl RR 44 mm, Drive Assy (Pinion), Drive Assy 10 Teeth (Bendix Drive), Armature Assy Lucas, Fly Wheel Ring T - 160, Door Regulator Mech RH, Clutch plate Assy Dia 330, Eng Mtg Pad Rear, Prop Shaft U J Cross, King Pin Thrust Brg, Thrust Washer Upper STD, Thrust Washer Lower STD, Drag link repair Kit, Knuckle Brg, Bush frt Axle, Door Regulator Mech LH, King Pin Upper, King Pin Lower, Fuel feed pump assy, Spring Pin, Cabine Spring Assy, Front Road spring 2nd Leaf, Rear Road Spring 2nd leaf, Differential Oil Seal, Pump Element, Delivery Valve, Hand Brake Valve, Drag Link Assy, Assy First Leaf With Bush, King Pin Set, King Pin Bush, Fuel Filter Cartridge, Brake Fluid Reservoir, Wiper Blade, Assy Grab Handle, Electric Wind Screen Washer Assy, Road Spring Assy RR, Road Spring Assy Frt, Temperature Sending Unit, Gear fly Ring (159 Teeth), RR Wheel Cyl Assy, Alternator Assy, Front Road Spring Assy, Rear Road Spring Assy. | Due on 05-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 14038293
3 Value: INR 2.87 Million approx. | Procurement of spare parts of Tata 1510 - Front Wheel Bearing Inner, Front Wheel Bearing Outer, Rear Rod Spring Main Leaf, UJ Cross, Rear Wheel Bearing, Clutch Plate Assy, Pressure Plate Assy, Clutch release Bearing, Steering UJ Cross, Front Brake shoe Linner with rivits, Rear Brake Shoe linner with rivits, Accelerator Cable, Water Separator with valve, Valve Drain Water Separator, Fuel filter, Self Starter Assy 24V, Alternator Assy 24V, Rear Wheel Cyl Assy, Front Wheel Cyl Assy, Vane Pump, Master Cylinder Assy, Tie Rod Assy, Combination Switch, Wiper Motor Assy, Front Shockabsorber, Rear Shockabsorber, Head light Assy, Front Wind Shield Glass, Water Pump Assy, Centre Bolt Rear, Centre Bolt Front, Rear Wheel Oil Seal inner, Rear Wheel Oil Seal Outer, Front Wheel Oil Seal, Oil Filter Cartridge, Wiper Blade, Wiper Arm, Belt V cogged 1355mm, Air Cleaner Filter, Rear View Mirror LH, Rear View Mirror RH, Bulb 24V 21W, Bulb 12V 5W, Head light Bulb, Temperature Unit, Flasher Unit 24 V, Handle Window Regulator, Hose Water by Pass, Coolant tank Rubber Pipe, U Bolt Front, KM Cable, Battery terminal lead (+), Transfer Case Oil Seal, Drag Link Rep Kit, First Leaf with Bush, Assy Front road spring, Universal Joint Steering, Solenoid Valve, Hydraulic Head, Drive Shaft (Rotary Pump), Seal Kit Rotary Pump, Air Cylinder Exhaust Brake, Rotary Pump. | Due on 05-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 14050959
4 Value: INR 2.38 Million approx. | Procurement of spare parts of Tata 713 LATC - Cylinder Head Gasket, Pressure Plate, Clutch Plate, Release Brg, Brake Shoes Assy, Thermostate Valve Assy, Shock Absorber Frt, Shock Absorber Rear, Door Handle LH/RH, Tie Rod End Assy, Wheel Brg Rear, Wheel Brg Front, Wiper Motor LUCAS, Self Starter LUCAS, Solenoid Switch, Fuel Cut off Solenoid SW, Strg UJ Cross, Sprinkle Mechanism, Ignition Switch, Combination Switch, Armature Assy LUCAS, Injector, Bendix Pinion, Prop Shaft UJ Cross, Field Coil Assy, Clutch Cyl R/Kit, Slave Cyl R/Kit, Clutch Cyl Assy, Sleeve Cyl Assy, Sleeve for release Brg, Fly wheel Ring Gear, Dual Brake Valve Assy, Flick Valve Assy, Master Cyl Repair Kit, Wheel Cyl Assy, 4x4 Cable, Knuckle Post Upper, Knuckle Post Lower, Knuckle Post Brg, Knuckle Thrust Brg, Knuckle Thrust Washer, Door Glass Mechanism left/right, Door Regulator, Door Catch Outer, Door Catch Inner, Speedo Cable, Hand Brake Valve, Lever control valve, Angle hose (4" x4"), Steering U J Cross, Brush Carrier Plate, Gear Lever Ball Joint, Piston Ring air comp, Differential Oil Seal, Hand Brake Valve Kit, Main Shaft Oil Seal, Brake shoe liner Frt, Brake shoe liner RR, Pull & Push rod Rep Kit, Drag Link rep Kit, Drive Belt, Eng Mounting Pad, Isolator Switch, Steering Oil Filter, Knuckle Brg Upper/Lower, Brake Master Cyl Frt/Rear, Clutch Cyl Assy, Sleeve Cyl, Accelerator Cable, Starting Relay, UJ Cross Steering, Frt Wheel Cyl Assy, Rear Wheel Cyl Assy, Turbo Charger, King Pin Bush, Air Pipe Frt Wheel, Self Starter assy, Head rotary Pump, Supply rotary pump, Roller, Bearing Bolt, Kit Seal, Fan belt, Coolant Tank, Fuel Filter, Fuse 15 Amp, Coolant DE-Aeration tank, Alternator. | Due on 08-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Meghalaya | TID: 14038259
5 Value: INR 7.13 Lakh approx. | Procurement of Spare Parts - Ball Joint Upper, Ball Joint Lower, Door Hinge Upper Lh, Glow Plug, Tie Rod End Rh, Tie Rod End Lh, Steering U J Cross, Self Pinion, Regulator Sr-60, Gear Lever Rep Kit, Strg Gear Box Oil Seal, Hand Primer Pump, Armature Self, Brush Plate Carrier, Solenoid Switch, Frt Road Spring Leaf 1st , Rear Road Spring Main Leaf, Rear Road Spring 2nd Leaf, Tapper Roller Bearing Inner Frt, Brake Shoe Liner Set, Cylinder Head Gasket, Timing Belt, Assy Tie Rod, Rotor Assy Alternator, Starter Assy Alternator, Frt Kit Pad (4 Pcs), Frt Wheel Bearing Outer, Clutch Plate Assy, Pressure Plate, Rear Shoe Absorber, Front Shock Absorber, Repair Kit Major Cyl, Assy Engine Mtg Pad Rear, Rear Wheel Brg, Assy Clutch Master Cyl, Fuel Filter, Head Light Bulb, Suspension Bushing Kit of Tata Sumo. | Due on 05-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 14023399
6 Value: INR 2.30 Lakh | Supply Of Cat A Spares - Assembly Fly Wheel With Ring, Gear, Cartridge- Fuel Water, Separator-Spinion For SE, Catridge- Fuel Water, Seperator(Auto Drain), Head & Water Seperator, Spin On -Fg) For Se, Water In Fuel Sensor, Assy H.P. Line With, Clamp,Supports & Fastener For SK, Assy.Oil Filter Element (Spinon), Assy Water Pump (Plastic, Impeller), Air Filter Element-Safety, Assy Air Intake Pipe (Flt To R/Hose), Rubber Hose (Reducer), Rubber Hose (Reducer), 352 Dia. Clutch Disc Assy. 1.75" Spline), 352 Dia. Clutch Cover Assy. 1.75" Spline), Clutch Release Yoke (Release, Yoke On Clutch Housing ) Bush, Assy. Release Bearing (1.75 Dia.). | Due on 03-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Mizoram | TID: 14123174
7 Value: INR* 2 Lakh(Our Estimate) | Supply of Cat A Spares – Oil Filter Cartridge (Oe), Belt Alternator, Starter Motor - Lucas, Kit Clutch Master Cyl. (Maj), Kit Clutch Slave Cyl. (Maj), Air Filter Assy, Bolt Hed Hd, Nyloc Nut G9.53mm (3/8"-24), Kit Universal Joint Journal, Lower Ball Joint, Upper Ball Joint, Universal Joint, Kit, Caliper(Major), Kit, Pad Saay, Kit Rr Wheel Cylinder Major, Kit Lining Set Standard, Kit Master Cylinder-Major, Oil Seal Hub, Leaf Spring Assembley Front, Kit Front Suspension Bushing, Leaf Spring Assembley Rear, Rubber Bush, Tie Rod Kit, Front Shock Asorber Assy, Clutch Driven Plate Assy, Clutch Cover Assy. | Due on 17-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 13968847
8 Value: INR 1.39 Lakh approx. | Supply Of Cat A Spare Parts Cartridge, Assy Hose 3/8” With „O? Ring & 490mm Long, Brake Chamber Type 24, Brake Actuator (Voss) 24/75, Drying & Distribution Unit, Repair Kit Drying & Distribution Unit, Repair Kit Dual Brake Valve Consisting Of, Lined Shoe Front,Wheel Set Brake Lining Front Std, Cross Assy, Air Filter Element Primary, Air Filter Element Safety, Assy Oil Filter Element (Spin-On), Head & Water Seperator (Spin On-FG),Fuel Water Seperator Spin On FG W/O Head. | Due on 02-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Roads | Jammu-kashmir | TID: 14060660
9 Value: INR* 1.29 Lakh approx.(Our Estimate) | Supply of Cat A spare parts -S/a of spin on oil filter, assy air filter, speedo meter, starter motor 24v, s/a of water pump, v belt, fan belt, fuel filter bkt, armature assy, clutch inr.race, retaining plate, brush spring, moving contact, de bracket assembly, wiper motor, brush, terminal+ve, clutch assy, stator winding assembly, armature assy, drive assy, brush, king pin s4-33.6106mm, water septr cvr. | Due on 16-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Power Plant | Gujarat | TID: 14093540
10 Value: INR* 1.02 Lakh approx.(Our Estimate) | Supply of Spares for TATA make Fire Tender Model No.- TATA LPT 1613 / 42 TC BSIII at KLTPS - Cartridge Fuel Water Separator, Oil Filter Element, Assembly Suction Line, Assembly Return Line, Assembly Chassis Set, Type 24 Brake Chamber, Brake Actuator, Assembly Air Filter, Exhaust Brake Unit, Assembly Mag. Valve, Assembly Silencer With Tail Pipe, Water Pump Assembly (integral Shaft Brg), Hose (radiator To Water Pump), Reducer Hose Thermostat To Water Pump, Clutch Disc Assembly1.75 Spline 352 Dia, Clutch Cover Assembly, Assembly .Clutch Booster, Assembly Hyd Pipe, Assembly Motorized H/L 24v Complt, Assembly Motorized H/L 24v Complt, Assembly Accelerator Pedal comp, Assembly G S Lever W/Sel&Shifter, Grad Hand Control Valve, Bolt, Hex Nut, Locking Plate, Set Of 2516 Air Filter Cartridges, Reducer Hose, Hose-Top-At Air Filter Inlet. | Due on 22-Jun-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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