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Security Services | Delhi | TID: 18776013
1 Value: INR 43.82 Million approx. / 4.38 Crore approx. | Supply of Flexible Hose, Pressure Switch, Latch Assembly Comp Rh, Latch Assembly Complete Lh, Front Door Glass, Element, Hose Assy, Brake Valve, Drive Shaft (Front Wheel), Piston Ring Set, Solenoied, Seat Assembly, Air Cleaner, Gasket Cyl Head, Lever Left, Right Lever, Hose, Hose, Cover Outer 10x16.5, 8 Ply, Pump Coupling, Hyd Filter, Grill Sheet Rh, Grill Sheet Lh, Rear Glass, Fan, Air Heater Spacer, Head Fuel Filter, Cabin Harness, 50hx104 Pitch, Cyl Bucket Lift Rh, Bucket Lifiting Cyl, Glass With Frame, Hose, Main Shaft, Chassis Harness, Quick Hitch Assembly, Bucket Mm300, Bucket 450, Alternator, 1x2 Pm2 Pilot, Pump Water, Nozzle Injector, Kit Engine Piston, Radiator Dry, Compt Cylinder, Complete Adjustment Kit, Cylinder Assembly, Complete Cyl, Complete Cylinder, Valve Block, Auxiliary Pump, Motor Starter, Complete Cyl, Articulated Arm, Primary Arm, Hyd Motor, Control Valve Assembly, Hyd Front Pump, Rear Pump, Turbo Charger, Kit Turbo Charger, Hyd Pump Assembly, Pump Injector Fuel, Motor (Stump Girnler), Ott Rubber Track.
Due on 02-Aug-2016  |  6 Days to go
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Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels | Orissa (Odisha) | TID: 18856476
2 Value: INR 18.67 Million approx. / 1.86 Crore approx. | Implementation of High Tan Crude processing along with miscellaneous process modification schemes and other miscellaneous structural jobs at Paradip Refinery Odisha.
Due on 05-Aug-2016  |  9 Days to go
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Administrative Offices | Andaman And Nicobar | TID: 18720205
3 Value: INR 4.40 Million / 44 Lakh | Supply Of Cummins Spares Kit, Liner Cylinder, Nozzle Piston Cooling, Assly Crankcase Breather, Cleaner, Air, Element, Air Cleaner (outer), Element, Air Cleaner (inner), Vacuum Indicator, Connection Water Transfer, Connection Water Transfer, Piston & Connecting Rod, Shell, Conn Rod Bearing, Housing Oil Cooler, Gasket, Oil Cooler Core, Core Cooler, Cover Lub Oil, Assembly, Water Tube, Damper & Puiiey Mtg., Pully, Accessory Device, Drive Accessory, Exchange, Heat, Connection, Sea Water Pump, Connection, Water Inlet, Tube, Water Transfer, Connection, Sea Water, Tachohourmeter, Cable Tachometer, Adaptor Double Drive, Filter Fuel, Element Fuel Filter, House Assembly, Filter Lub Oil Duplex, Element Lub Filter, Filter Super Lo Bypass, Assy Hose, Asst Hose., Element Super Lo Bypass Filter, Follower Cam, Plug, Shaft Cam Follower, Pin Inj Cam Roller, Lockwire, Lever Cam Follower, Roller, Lever Cam Follower, Pin Roller, Lock Wire, Ring Dowel, Push-Tube, Push-Rod, Nipple Pipe, House Assembly, Head Cylinder, Collet Valve, Retainer Valve Spring, Inlet Valve, Rotator Valve, Valve Exhaust, Spring, Seal Water Connection, Pin Groove, Insert Valve, Insert Valve, Plug Pin, Pug Pin, Plug Expansion, Plug Expansion, Plug Expansion, Guide Valve Stem, Mtg Cylinder Head, Washer Cylinder Head, Screw 12 Point, Crosshead Valve, Gasket Cylinder Head, Gasket, Grommet, Grommet, Grommet, Grommet, Housing After Cooler, Core & Header, Housing Rocker Arm, Thermostat, Manifold, Water, Tub, Water Transfer, Connection, Water Transfer, Tube, Water Transfer, O” Ring, O” Ring, Clamps Hoes, Hose, Tube, Water Transfer Bypass, Tube, Water Transfer Bypass, Mountin, Tub Water Bypass, Connection, Water Transfer, Hub, Timing, Injector, Kit, Flexible Exhaust, Spring, Valve, Manifold Exh. Wet, Pump Fuel, Ass’y Fuel Pump Gear, Pump Lub Oil, Pump Sea Water, Pump Water, Cooler Lub Oil, Shell Main Bearing, Service Kit For Water Pump, Service Kit For Sea Water Pump, Cover Heat Exchanger, Cover Heat Exchanger.
Due on 09-Aug-2016  |  13 Days to go
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Power Plant | Tamil Nadu | TID: 18734522
4 Value: INR 2.91 Million approx. / 29.10 Lakh approx. | Supply of Portable Centrifugal Oil Filter System For Hp 803 Bowl Mills.
Due on 27-Jul-2016  |  Closing today
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Security Services | Delhi | TID: 18907156
5 Value: INR 2.62 Million approx. / 26.27 Lakh approx. | Supply of Stores - Pannel Board Rh, Sun Wiser, Lce Plate, Pre Cleaner, Grease Gun, Handle Assy, Front Cover Sheet Lh, Pin, Rear Glass, Hose, Water Temp Gauge, Front Cover Sheet Rh, Gear Lever Knob, Grease Grove Bush, Cap Tube, Pin Assy, Tooth Bolt, Lever Assy, Bucket Teeth, Loader Lift Cyl Pipe Rod Lh, Hyd Filter, Ring Nut, Hours Meter, Hose, Fan, Pin Assy, Mounting Bracket, Air Filter Element Inner), Adaptor, Hood Pin, Fan Belt, Lift Hose Rod End, Seal Dust, Oil Filter Element, Flexible Hose, Tapper Bearing, Lever, Pump Cont Bkt Assy Lh&Rh, Flexible Hose, Control Lever Assy, Tapper Roller Bearing, Pipe Assy, Seal Kit, Flexible Hose, Fuel Filter Element, M Quick Coupling, Quick Coupling, Pipe Assy, Flexible Hose, Bearing Connecting, Joint Kit, Bacho Operating Lever, Bty Cable - Ve, Hose, Tooth (R/N), Tooth (L/N), Flexible Hose, Control Level Vertical Assy, Exhaust Valve, Flexible Hose, F. Quick Coupling, Flact Face Coupling Set, Flexible Hose, Auxilary Cable, Pin, Element, Jack Support Small, Seal Kit, Anger Pin And Clip, Flexible Hose.
Due on 11-Aug-2016  |  15 Days to go
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Coal and Lignite | Jharkhand | TID: 18807923
6 Value: INR 2.50 Million / 25 Lakh | Procurement of Tranformer Oil Filtration Machine.
Due on 08-Aug-2016  |  12 Days to go
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Security Services | Karnataka | TID: 18969581
7 Value: INR 2.10 Million / 21 Lakh | Cleaning Gravelling And Face Lifting Of Take Over Points And Repair Rewinding Of Transformer And Replacement Of Filtration Of Transformer Oil At Chaf.
Due on 22-Aug-2016  |  26 Days to go
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Power Plant | Tamil Nadu | TID: 18883842
8 Value: INR 1.52 Million approx. / 15.29 Lakh | Supply of portable centrifugal oil filter system 01 No Model FM 600 Make MANN HUMMEL or equivalent as per the Annexure I enclosed.
Due on 04-Aug-2016  |  8 Days to go
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Security Services | Multi State | TID: 18956853
9 Value: INR 1.18 Million / 11.80 Lakh | Supply of Op Wks Maintenance Stores - Ro-11 Cleaning Chemical, Ro-22 Cleaning Chemical, Ro-33 Cleaning Chemical, Ro-44 Cleaning Chemical, Cartrage Filter Span Type 30", Bag Filter, Antiscalant Balls, Membrane Cushion, Spiral Wound Membrane 80-40, Antiscalant Liquied, Multiport Valve, Plc Hardware With Programe, Xbtn 200, Flow Switch, Vaf Meter, Hydraulic Hose Pipes 1"-5 Mtr Long, Hydraulic Hose Pipes 1/2"-1 1/2 Mtr Long, Hydraulic Hose Pipes 1 1/4"-1 Mtr Long, Hose Pipe Fitting 2", Bearing 30222, Polyhydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Oil 68 No, Central Btu Gear Oil, Hydraulic Control Valve, Hydraulic Pump Kit, Compressor Oil, Compressor Pressure Meter 500 Psi, Battery 150 Amp, Temprature Bypass Valve For Compressor, Temperature Bypass Valve For Engine, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Motor, Compressor Oil Filter, Pressure Regulator, Hydraulic Oil Filter Compressor, Air Filter Compressor Engine, Hydraulic Jacks Repair Kit.
Due on 13-Aug-2016  |  17 Days to go
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Administrative Offices | Andaman And Nicobar | TID: 18720296
10 Value: INR 1.10 Million / 11 Lakh | Supply Of Ashok Leyland Spares Main Bearing (std.), Thrust Washer Std., Ferrule With “o” Ring, O Ring, Valve Kit Exhaust. S3 (p3108551), (01 Set =6 Pcs), Oil Seal (front), Assembly Of Fuel Pump, Injector Nozzle (mico No.9430304216), F8010200, Paper Element (for L.O. Filter) Mico, No.9451037424, S.A. Of Element./ B2009501, Speed Meter Cable (3350 Mm) (for Ashok Leyland, Engine), Micro Super Filter Insert Star, Fresh Water Pump Assembly, Model Almu-402/1, Pipe (feed Pump To Filter), Pipe (filter To Fuel Pump), Complete Set Of Joint Set, Piston Ring Set, O Ring, Seal Insert, Heat Exchanger Unit, Set Of Hose, Fuel Filter (1.1 Ltr.) Dual, Set Of Joint (complete Set), P.No. Iaff01267 Hdsc.
Due on 08-Aug-2016  |  12 Days to go
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